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The HR Genie provides expert support to your HR team for ad-hoc or specialist projects. 

Regardless of how proactive and well-planned your HR is, from time to time situations occur that require some expert assistance.

You can rely on The HR Genie for experienced and specialist support to get you through a wide range of HR situations. Outsourcing your HR projects, from performance appraisals to line manager training, to The HR Genie gives you peace of mind that processes are being followed correctly and gives you back time to focus on your core business objectives.

We support our clients with one-off projects in the following areas:

Disciplinaries & Grievances

As an employer, you will occasionally encounter staff with poor performance or time keeping, or who are guilty of serious breaches of your rules. All these people problems need timely and correct handling. At The HR Genie we can support you through these processes, carrying out investigations and be there in person to make the whole experience as painless as possible. With our advice, you can be reassured that your processes will be legally compliant.

Managing maternity / paternity /parental leave / time off for dependants

To comply with current legislation your business needs to ensure it has up to date policies for managing maternity, paternity, adoption, parental leave and time off for dependents. At The HR Genie we work with you to ensure all of your policies are completely up to date, compliant and that all Managers and Supervisors understand them. We can also work with you in cases where there is a grievance or complaint relating to these issues.

Restructuring and redundancies

No business ever wants to make people redundant but sometimes it’s unavoidable. The HR Genie will be your expert partner to help navigate these processes with as minimal disruption and disquiet as possible. Getting us involved early on means we can work with you to prepare your business case for redundancy or restructure and plan how to present it to your employees. Redundancy rules are complex but with our experience supporting you through the process you can feel confident that the end result will five you the best team to take your business forward.

Change management

Managing change in a business can be tricky. Resentment and rumours often build and your employees can become mistrustful and unproductive. We offer an experienced pair of hands to help you through any period of change in your business. The key is to help the team see why and how the change is necessary and to understand the benefits and opportunities to presents to them. We help you understand the change curve your team is experiencing and offer practical advice and support to help them through.

Performance management

Getting the best from your team is good for your business and good for them. We can help you develop thorough and robust performance management and appraisal systems, from inductions through to exit interviews to ensure your processes are not just legally compliant but effective and developing your team too.

Managing absence

Absence issues are always a major concern for employers as they disrupt productivity and can have a negative affect on other team members. We help navigate the process of managing absence as well as training managers in using tools, such as return to work interviews to good effect. We are used to working alongside occupational health professionals to plan phased returns for those on long term sick leave.

Writing and implementing HR policies and procedures

Company policies are a necessary part of any business to communicate the rules and procedures to employees. When policies are not in place or are out of date a business is exposed to potentially high-risk legal situations. With our support you can rest assured that your policies and procedures are legally compliant and tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

We can also help you put those policies and procedures into practical application throughout your business. Ensuring they are robust and well understood as well as training Managers and Supervisors to ensure they are correctly implemented.

HR training for managers

Your Managers deal with your employees everyday and are usually the first to know about any potential HR issues that may arise. We provide training for Managers and Supervisors to ensure they all fully understand the HR policies and procedures of your business. We also provide skills based training in line management, dealing with conflict, conducting appraisals, interviewing and recruitment, supervisory skills, coaching and mentoring and team leadership.

Not sure which service is right for you? Get in touch to arrange a free HR review where we will visit your business, identify what your HR needs are and put together an action plan of how we can best help you.

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